Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PT (R&C) - physical therapy (renewed and correct)

Hi all my lovelies!

I learned some new stuff today:

  1. My former DPT (Dr. of Physical Therapy) was not very good.
  2. My new DPT is great. (more on that in a minute)
  3. Walking on a treadmill in a pool while pushing foam paddles against water jets is as hard and as awkward to master as you are now imagining.
  4. Doing 10 minutes on the arm bike after nearly 30 minutes of arm/back/shoulder work in the pool is really hard.
  5. When one does their strengthening exercises with correct form one FEELS IT!
  6. When one does their neck stretched with correct form one feels it and it feels good.
  7. Getting a full and proper PT workout is both tiring and exhilarating.
  8. I received my insurance-approved TENS unit and have to figure out how to use it at home.
So my old DPT left to do something else and the new DPT is the owner of the rehabilitation clinic I go to (he normally works out of his other location). He is cool and what I REALLY like is that he evaluated me on the first meeting I had with him, even though I had been going to sessions for 4-weeks. Turns out I have been spinning my wheels... I should have been in the pool. I should have been doing muscle strengthening exercises (wet & dry). I should have been doing more stretches. I should have had more resistance on the arm bike... everything should have been gradually increasing each week. Instead, I have been doing the same things (incorrectly) over and over and over. It kind of irritates me, especially as I am paying $75 weekly for the pleasure.

So today I was in the pool for the water-treadmill stuff (15mins) and about 30mins of strength and posture exercises in the pool using these for resistance:
They don't weigh very much at all (they are dense foam), but MAN am I sore....

After I was showered/dried/dressed I had my 10 minutes of arm bike hell and then new resistance exercises. He started me on the lowest resistance band (yellow) and had me doing things to strengthen my triceps, my biceps, and my trapezius muscles (below).

What was fantastic about my new DPT is that he not only showed me how to do each exercise, but stayed with me and corrected my form, told me to slow down, corrected my posture, explained to me WHY I was doing each exercise and WHAT it was going to do to help with the bone spur/pinched nerve/cervical rib action I have going on on my left side. So I did 3 different exercises with 2 sets of 15 reps. I am feeling it now! Then I did about 10 minutes of very slow (with good form) neck stretches followed by 15 minutes of electrical stimulation and ice.

I was SO tired after that I thought for sure I would fall asleep in the car driving home. I made it home and was able to make myself a coffee & some lunch. I am still tired but it is in that "I had a good work out any my body is grateful" kind of way. The feeling is a mix of tired and awesome. I have to admit, I kind of like the feeling of being worked out. I am looking forward to Friday already!


PS These are my awesome Mary Janes for the pool!

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  1. Amazing the difference that a good, gentle, understanding and caring PT can make, huh? Stick with it, I'm sure now you're going to see the progress you should have been seeing. And, um, grrrooooannn.....