Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Tab

Hi y'all.  I created a new tab so I can have PAGES!  I know!  Fancy!  Anyhow, for the moment there is Home, where you are now and there is a Pictorial Page.  Maybe I'll add more to come.

The Pictorial tab is where I'll be posting a pic at each 10lb mark - or if I have an amazing body change.  It is happening.  The fact that now I can SEE it happening is exciting!  It is the little motivator I have been needing.  Just looking at the 255 pic next to the 275 pic stuns me!!

I am still 99% vegetarian.  I have had a bit of meat recently and it was fine (a sub sandwich, a turkey sandwich, a bite of breakfast sausage), but think I am gonna stay veg for now.

Oh the other thing is that I am starting a cleanse tomorrow.  Not an all-liquid one, or anything like that, just one from Whole Foods that pumps up my fiber intake over the next 2 weeks, cleans out my nooks & crannies, cleanses my liver.. that sort of thing.  I have done it before so know how it works/how I work on it.  No explosive colon here!  (TMI? HA - as if!!!)

I think this will help me get back into my drinking lots of water routine and jump me off this weight-loss plateau.  And who doesn't want a healthier liver??

It does not say anywhere that I have to stop my daily coffee, so I shall not.  I will cut back some and supplement my afternoons with copious amounts of iced green teas!  MMMMMmmmm.

Stay tuned!