Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday - The Sickly Edition


No weigh-in last week as I was on a plane to Portland, ME for a conference (more on that in another post).

So the numbers:

Starting Weight: 275

Last Week: 265.6

This Week:  265.0
I am ok with this as I have travelled, not exercised, and am currently under the weather.
I am pleased to be back to 10lb overall loss and am re-renewing my committment to a healthy life.
...right after I get over this horrible cold/raw throat/cough thing.  No water aerobics & yoga for me this week.
I feel like hell.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday, Blog Thursday

.. at least I am weighing in on Wednesdays!

So the numbers:

Starting Weight: 275

Last Week: 266.6

This Week:  265.6

One pound in one week.  Hey! That's progress!  If I keep this up I'll be down 52lb  in a year!

I am trying to remain positive... of course I realize if I stay at the rate of 1lb/week then this time next year I'll still be over 200lb!   So, now what?

I am not good at taking things, i.e. diet pills, appetite suppressors, fat burners, what-have-you.  I like my coffee and if I drink coffee AND take anything, I am a spaz, freak, jittery-mess who is 100% certain that her heart will explode in her chest at any second.  NOT a fun way to go through your day (I know this from experience).  If I stop the coffee I am a different kind of mess you don't want to be around either.

I am NOT interested in any type of weight-loss surgery.  I had a former Dr. asked me if I was interested in surgery WHILE SHE WAS CONDUCTING MY PAP.... um, not cool, I am kinda naked, and vulnerable, and um, your hand is in my vagina... can we talk about this later... ooh, did you take the photos of the fish on your exam room walls.... AHHHGGGK! (true story)

It seems like my only real options are to A) diet and B) exercise.

Damn, I hate being rational....

I have been looking at the UTA gym (the MAC) exercise class schedule and for some reason am feeling really intimidated.  I know from past experience that going to the classes were good for me (and they were actually FUN) and I was not the only fattie in there.  I am, for some reason, back in my discomfort zone.  I am afraid.  I don't know why I have regressed.  Maybe because Raefela the wonder instructor graduated (with her PhD in Mechanical Engineering, no less) and i really felt comfortable in her classes.  Maybe i am afraid that other instructors will be tough, or mean, or both.  Of course if they are mean, I can always walk out.  Maybe I am just making excuses....

I don't know what my problem is. I need to get over this mental block and get back to the gym or I am going to be a fat-ass for ever.


I probably shouldn't have looked up my "ideal" weight range for my age & height.  The range for a 5'5' 39yr old female is 119-149 with my ideal target as 134.  That seems so unattainable right now.  At my absolute thinnest and fittest, when I graduated from Army Basic Training, I was a size 10 and 142lb.  I have been there and can get back there... but damn I am not 21 anymore....  I also know it is going to take a lot of work and something else, something that I am not good at.... SACRIFICE.

There, I said it.  I am not good at that.  That. Up there... the s-word.  I am pretty self-centered.  I can be, I don't have kids.  I guess I just need to realize that I should be more self-centered and take care of my SELF better.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday (the Thursday edition)

Starting Weight: 275

Last Week: 262.8

This Week: 266.6

So, I really thought I was the only person who gained weight while on a 48hr food-borne illness fun-fest, but according to FB posts on my page, I am not alone.  Still it sucks.  Not that I encourage or endorse food-borne illnesses as a weight reduction tool, but REALLY!?!

I at first attributed it to the Sprite & Ginger Ale I was quaffing to quell the nausea.  There is sneaky sodium in those babies! Ginger Ale has 35mg per 8oz serving & Sprite has 45mg...  and I probably had 4 servings or so each day. So, because I have not been drinking sodas very much I thought that was probably it.

I also thought it was maybe because over the weekend I had not been downing the water by the 24oz cupful like I have been doing (almost religiously).  I was avoiding putting mass quantities of anything in my stomach as whatever went in had been making a hasty exit...  blergh.

And then I had to admit to myself that it is really my overall poor choices over the last week or 2 that have caused a 4lb weight gain (OK, this morning I was 265.6, but I am only counting Wed. weigh-ins).  I have been on some sort of food free-for-all... nachos, Big Macs (the source of the food-borne illness, btw), blue cheese fries, mashed potatoes drowning in cream gravy.. nary a green leafy in sight.  le sigh

I don't know what my problem is (ok, maybe I do).  I like good fresh food.  I enjoy delicious healthy food.  I like fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats.  I even like some of the meat substitutes (Morningstar BBQ ribs I am looking at you).  I LOVE to cook!!  And I mean COOOOK... not boil-in-the-bag, just add water, microwave stuff... COOK!  Get out the 8" Shun, dice, julienne, chiffonade, saute, braise, and roast up a delicious meal.  So what gives?

This gives:  LAZY TRUMPS ALL

I am Queen Procrastinator.  Duchess of Distraction. The Lady of  the Late. 

I think everything will take less time than it really will.  I leave my everything to the last minute - lectures, papers, grading, PowerPoints, research, reading... cleaning... until it is absolute GO time and I HAVE to finish.

I am THE BEST at time wasting, piddling (in the time sense, not the urinary sense - although with all the water I am drinking...), playing on FB, finding 10 OTHER things to do instead of what I should be doing that I end up in a horrendous time crunch. I end up overtaxed, over stressed, and let things like meals & exercise fall by the wayside because I HAVE to get (insert task here) DONE!!

What I need is some SERIOUS time management skills.  I am looking for some ideas/help here peeps.  Help me help myself & get back on track.  I really do want to be a happier, healthier person.

What tricks/tips do you have/use to manage your time?

Muchas Gracias mis amigos!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello.  I hope this Labor Day (US) is finding you well - either productive or lazy - whatever you have going on today, I hope it is fun.

I am feeling under the weather today & am 100% sure it is attributed to the rash of crap I have been eating and drinking all weekend.  I am tired, sluggish, a tad grumpy, and my stomach doesn't like me very much today either.

I think this is the glaring reminder that unhealthy foods in mass quantity make me feel like ca-ca.

Yoga starts back up tonight & I will be gentle with myself.  I need to drink lots of water today (I have even fallen off that wagon this weekend).

In awesome news, it is only in the 80s here in TX today and supposed to be in the (high) 50s tonight.  Guess who is sleeping with all the windows wide open!!??

So here is to a short work week, cooler weather, and better choices!