Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday (the Thursday edition)

Starting Weight: 275

Last Week: 262.8

This Week: 266.6

So, I really thought I was the only person who gained weight while on a 48hr food-borne illness fun-fest, but according to FB posts on my page, I am not alone.  Still it sucks.  Not that I encourage or endorse food-borne illnesses as a weight reduction tool, but REALLY!?!

I at first attributed it to the Sprite & Ginger Ale I was quaffing to quell the nausea.  There is sneaky sodium in those babies! Ginger Ale has 35mg per 8oz serving & Sprite has 45mg...  and I probably had 4 servings or so each day. So, because I have not been drinking sodas very much I thought that was probably it.

I also thought it was maybe because over the weekend I had not been downing the water by the 24oz cupful like I have been doing (almost religiously).  I was avoiding putting mass quantities of anything in my stomach as whatever went in had been making a hasty exit...  blergh.

And then I had to admit to myself that it is really my overall poor choices over the last week or 2 that have caused a 4lb weight gain (OK, this morning I was 265.6, but I am only counting Wed. weigh-ins).  I have been on some sort of food free-for-all... nachos, Big Macs (the source of the food-borne illness, btw), blue cheese fries, mashed potatoes drowning in cream gravy.. nary a green leafy in sight.  le sigh

I don't know what my problem is (ok, maybe I do).  I like good fresh food.  I enjoy delicious healthy food.  I like fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats.  I even like some of the meat substitutes (Morningstar BBQ ribs I am looking at you).  I LOVE to cook!!  And I mean COOOOK... not boil-in-the-bag, just add water, microwave stuff... COOK!  Get out the 8" Shun, dice, julienne, chiffonade, saute, braise, and roast up a delicious meal.  So what gives?

This gives:  LAZY TRUMPS ALL

I am Queen Procrastinator.  Duchess of Distraction. The Lady of  the Late. 

I think everything will take less time than it really will.  I leave my everything to the last minute - lectures, papers, grading, PowerPoints, research, reading... cleaning... until it is absolute GO time and I HAVE to finish.

I am THE BEST at time wasting, piddling (in the time sense, not the urinary sense - although with all the water I am drinking...), playing on FB, finding 10 OTHER things to do instead of what I should be doing that I end up in a horrendous time crunch. I end up overtaxed, over stressed, and let things like meals & exercise fall by the wayside because I HAVE to get (insert task here) DONE!!

What I need is some SERIOUS time management skills.  I am looking for some ideas/help here peeps.  Help me help myself & get back on track.  I really do want to be a happier, healthier person.

What tricks/tips do you have/use to manage your time?

Muchas Gracias mis amigos!


  1. The only thing I can think of is to maybe spend a few hours on your weekend slicing & dicing & cooking a few healthy meals for the week, and then keep them portioned out in Tupperware containers in your fridge. So then you can just take it out and heat stuff up during the week. This website is fantastic for making huge amounts of can portion it out and freeze half of it!

    I also like to keep bags of broccoli slaw in my fridge as I can make a snack salad (or even a larger one) very quickly. I use Ponzu sauce for dressing, or other homemade dressings. I keep tuna and salmon in my pantry so I can add that to salads too.

  2. Hey, Mylynka! I think Luci has some good ideas. I used to do some Sunday cooking that would provide lunches for the week and some dinners. I agree that it helps when you have a good choice already in the fridge ready to heat up and eat. It doesn't help that it's so easy to get off track. I was on a roll with my work outs - 8 weeks straight of 6 days a week of working out and was doing awesome, then I stopped going to the gym when my little guy came back from his summer with my mom and dad. All the progress that I made is now lost and it's hard to get back to it. Let's get back on track together! I know I want to get back on track, and need to get back on track. Good luck!!!!

  3. Hmmmm....

    I don't really have any time management skills. I sort of bounce from chore to chore until everything (or nothing) gets finished. For cooking though, that crock pot? The most amazing invention ever. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  4. Thanks you guys! I really do need to plan out our meals. Lecture writing has taken up so much more of my time than I anticipated & I have not been very good a juggling all I have to o do.