Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello.  I hope this Labor Day (US) is finding you well - either productive or lazy - whatever you have going on today, I hope it is fun.

I am feeling under the weather today & am 100% sure it is attributed to the rash of crap I have been eating and drinking all weekend.  I am tired, sluggish, a tad grumpy, and my stomach doesn't like me very much today either.

I think this is the glaring reminder that unhealthy foods in mass quantity make me feel like ca-ca.

Yoga starts back up tonight & I will be gentle with myself.  I need to drink lots of water today (I have even fallen off that wagon this weekend).

In awesome news, it is only in the 80s here in TX today and supposed to be in the (high) 50s tonight.  Guess who is sleeping with all the windows wide open!!??

So here is to a short work week, cooler weather, and better choices!

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