Thursday, April 28, 2011

PT - Day 2 of Strength Training

Man... I am beat! PT was just like Monday except I did 2 sets of everything with the RED bands... and wow did that make a difference on the 2nd sets... jelly arms anyone? Martin, my DPT, also added push-ups on the wall. I cannot bear my full body weight on my arms because of my pinched nerve. Two sets of 15 at the end of all the exercises was exhausting!! I think I was thisclose to muscle failure on the last two. Whew!

It was noted that I have excellent push-up form - thankyouverymuch U.S. Army Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO circa 1993.

And yes, that is me. In the hamster cage cedar chips. Those things SUCKED. (click to enlarge)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Seriously, I was barefoot! ;P

So, I really liked class last night. I was the last one to get there and was awkwardly trying to unroll by brand-new mat which was all stuck together while the rest of the class ( a dozen or so people) looked on. Everyone got a front row seat at the big dork show!! I dropped my purse everywhere and forgot to turn off my phone, but the instructor was so nice and introduced herself to me and got me settled right in time to start class. At least I noticed all the shoes outside the entrance and had the wherewithal to take mine off too, so I wasn't a total n00b.

Class was great! All the people in there were older than me and in all kinds of states of fitness/non-fitness. One reason I chose HeavyWeight Yoga is that I knew I would probably fit in and not have to worry about stupid body issues. Jessica, the instructor, led us through every pose/ stretch/shake out and offered up all kinds of modifications for people with injuries/limited ability. One lady did the entire class in a chair, which was so cool. Jessica walked around the room during each pose and adjusted arms, moved legs, offered explanations and gave encouragement.

I can't bear any weight on my left shoulder so was a bit concerned about the stuff like downward facing dog, etc., but Jessica had an alternative way for everything! I did the downward facing dog leaning on the back of a chair and didn't feel like I was missing a thing. I also did other hands/knees things like cat/cow pose while seated in a chair. She came by & told me I have fantastic pelvic rocks... ha! ;)

After class we talked about my shoulder/neck and she was really cool. She told me I have great form and my Warrior I was really strong. :) I am so glad I went. I almost talked myself out of going, but am REALLY glad I didn't listen to my saboteur self!

WOO HOO! Class again Wednesday night!

Monday, April 25, 2011

PT - Day 1 of Strength Training


PT today wore me out! I did 12 minutes on the arm bike (6 forward & 6 backward) to warm up then was given 6 different exercises with resistance bands. I did one set of reps with the lightest band (yellow) then one set with the next higher resistance (red).

  1. A shoulder shrug type exercise with my shoulders pinched together while stand on and hold the resistance band in each hand (25 reps)
  2. A triceps exercise with the band around a pole.(15 reps)
  3. One where I pull the bands straight back with the band around a pole (with my arms at a 90-degree angle) (15 reps)
  4. Standing on the band and pulling a straight arm up in front of me to shoulder height (15 reps each arm)
  5. Standing on the band and pulling a straight arm up to the side to shoulder height (15 reps each arm)
  6. Standing on the band and doing biceps curls (15 reps each arm)
This was followed by 3 exercises using a weighted ball.
  1. Overhand throwing a small weighted ball (red) against a small trampoline set at an angle and catching it as it bounced back to me. (25 reps each arm)
  2. Holding a larger weighted ball (blue) and doing presses out from my chest (25 reps)
  3. Presses above my head with the same ball (25 reps)
On Thursday he is having me do all of the band exercises with just the red bands & next Monday we will increase to 3 sets of each exercise. At this rate I may have a nicer upper body in 4 weeks! He said his goal is to get me where I can go to a gym & work out when he is done with me.

Speaking of working out, I think I am going to go to my 1st Heavyweight Yoga class tonight - provided I am not too sore from PT and there are no heinous storms.

So today I have:

  1. Eaten a healthy breakfast
  2. Worked out
  3. Logged my meal & exercise on my Livestrong MyPlate
  4. Blogged
Time to do a bit of house cleaning and get on to some dissertation work.

Happy Monday Y'all!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

HeavyWeight Yoga®

Settle down, I know, TWO posts in one day!! The world is not ending.

SO in my relatively easy search for places to do yoga I came upon the Arlington Yoga Center. This place is really close to campus so I can get there with no excuses not to. I was looking at their site and their classes and saw that they offer a "gentle"class that is "perfectly sequenced class for those who are injured, out of shape or plus forty." So that looked good and probably ideal for me. Then I saw this:

HeavyWeight Yoga®
HeavyWeight Yoga® classes are especially designed for full-bodied people. These classes use classic yoga poses adapted to allow for the size and circumstance of each student's body as it arrives ready for yoga on the mat or in a chair. HeavyWeight Yoga® is about the 3-A's: awareness, acceptance and affection. This program is not about diet, aerobic exercise, or weight loss.
No prior yoga experience is needed. Fear not, future flexible friend, this is yoga adapted to meet you where you are today. Begin now at your current condition and enjoy the benefits of yoga TODAY!

I almost wept when I read the line "Fear not, future flexible friend, this is yoga adapted to meet you where you are today."

One of the things that has intimidated me about yoga (and I think intimidates a lot of people, overweight or not) is that idea that you have to be super bendy and skinny to begin. It is the "well, when I lose weight I'll try yoga" mentality. NOT. ANY. MORE!

So, I want to go. They offer classes multiple classes a week and I think that is great! Um, I have to figure out where to find the $75/month in the Cardona family budget. I am sure it can come from the "let's-just-go-out-to-eat" expenses.

Here is a blurb about HeavyWeight Yoga® from creator Abby Lenz. It made me feel good.

I am all about "awareness, acceptance and affection" - let's do this!!


Physical therapy update and more.

Hi peoples,

Look it is me - blogging. I really have to be better about this... I need to put it on my "things to do list" each day. I cannot believe it has been so long since I last wrote. SO here is a recap of what has happened in the last 3 weeks.

  1. I have progressed nicely in physical therapy - I now have 4 weeks more of strengthening exercises. These will be to get my neck & back strong and help keep my neck aligned. I am so glad I only have to go 2x/week now. My wallet thanks me.
  2. My Dr. is really pleased with the improvement in my left arm range of motion and that my left arm is no longer numb (I have to say I am really happy about that, too.). She has approved the 4 weeks of PT mentioned above. She ALSO told me I she wants me to start doing yoga & Pilates. She wants me to build a stronger core, get my body longer, leaner, and stronger, and into proper alignment. All of which will help me with keeping the bone spur/pinched nerve troubles at bay. I am also supposed to start back with water aerobics... something about reducing my pounds per square inch. So, I gotta get on that.
  3. This semester is keeping me busy. My HIST1311 has started and is moving along smoothly now that I put down a rebellion. Some students were complaining about the course & gathering supporters. But all is quiet on all fronts now.
  4. I booked my flights to Europe. I am going in to London & out of Paris... more on that event later.
So this brings me to where I am today. I have a paper to finish, a paper to start, archives expeditions to plan, lodging to procure, and and article & a dissertation proposal to write. Oh an did I mention the FORTY-FIVE lectures I have to write... and a blog, too apparently - HA!

And I keep meaning to get one of those nifty signature blocks for my blog...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

No one told me it doesn't get easier.

So hot on the heels of passing my comprehensive exams (WOOO!) I have been offered a History of Civilization II class this fall! 16-weeks... MWF 9-9:50am YAY! ACK! It is so exciting and so scary at the same time. I also have a LOT of other things due/to do the remainder of the year.

So the breakdown is this (in no real order):
  • I have to determine whether I want to teach World Civ or Western Civ. It is up to me.
  • I have to select books.
  • Make a syllabus.
  • Make all my exams/quizzes/assignments, etc.
  • Read, read, read
  • Write lectures - find images & primary source documents
  • Make powerpoints
All BEFORE class starts the week of August 25th.

In addition to all of this class-prep work I have to:
  • Read, read, read
  • write my dissertation prospectus & get it approved (by the end of the Fall semester)
  • write a 25-30pp article for an academic journal (Terrae Incognitae:The Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries) my paper abstract was accepted for (YAY!/ACK!) - by November
  • assemble my dissertation committee - ASAP
  • apply for more travel grants/funding - by April 15th
  • get my passport updated with my NEW name - ASAP
  • go to London & The Hague for research - for about 2 weeks in June/July/Early August
  • Prepare a paper proposal for a conference by April 30th & write a paper if accepted.

Um, I guess I am considered a historian and scholar now! EEEK!

Dani over at Living Outside the Stacks asked me today in our Facebook back-and-forth messaging "How do you fit it all in and still remember to eat, sleep and pee (never mind spend time with Lupe)? Good gracious!" Which made me realize that I am also keeping my BFFs adorable daughter 1x/week through June 15th and still have to find time to exercise, clean house, grocery shop, do laundry, blog... PLAY ON FACEBOOK!!

and I just realized I am an instructor for an online HIST 1311 (US 1) that starts on April 17th! ACK!!

I guess at age 39 I am going to finally have to learn to prioritize - damn it.