Sunday, April 24, 2011

HeavyWeight Yoga®

Settle down, I know, TWO posts in one day!! The world is not ending.

SO in my relatively easy search for places to do yoga I came upon the Arlington Yoga Center. This place is really close to campus so I can get there with no excuses not to. I was looking at their site and their classes and saw that they offer a "gentle"class that is "perfectly sequenced class for those who are injured, out of shape or plus forty." So that looked good and probably ideal for me. Then I saw this:

HeavyWeight Yoga®
HeavyWeight Yoga® classes are especially designed for full-bodied people. These classes use classic yoga poses adapted to allow for the size and circumstance of each student's body as it arrives ready for yoga on the mat or in a chair. HeavyWeight Yoga® is about the 3-A's: awareness, acceptance and affection. This program is not about diet, aerobic exercise, or weight loss.
No prior yoga experience is needed. Fear not, future flexible friend, this is yoga adapted to meet you where you are today. Begin now at your current condition and enjoy the benefits of yoga TODAY!

I almost wept when I read the line "Fear not, future flexible friend, this is yoga adapted to meet you where you are today."

One of the things that has intimidated me about yoga (and I think intimidates a lot of people, overweight or not) is that idea that you have to be super bendy and skinny to begin. It is the "well, when I lose weight I'll try yoga" mentality. NOT. ANY. MORE!

So, I want to go. They offer classes multiple classes a week and I think that is great! Um, I have to figure out where to find the $75/month in the Cardona family budget. I am sure it can come from the "let's-just-go-out-to-eat" expenses.

Here is a blurb about HeavyWeight Yoga® from creator Abby Lenz. It made me feel good.

I am all about "awareness, acceptance and affection" - let's do this!!



  1. trust me, it will totally be worth it. it's WAY more expensive out here, but wil and i have decided that we see it as an investment in ourselves, in our physical and mental health. i think you'll love it. so excited!

  2. Yes, I may go for my 1st class tonight. I am a bit tired from PT this morning, but think it'll be OK.