Monday, April 25, 2011

PT - Day 1 of Strength Training


PT today wore me out! I did 12 minutes on the arm bike (6 forward & 6 backward) to warm up then was given 6 different exercises with resistance bands. I did one set of reps with the lightest band (yellow) then one set with the next higher resistance (red).

  1. A shoulder shrug type exercise with my shoulders pinched together while stand on and hold the resistance band in each hand (25 reps)
  2. A triceps exercise with the band around a pole.(15 reps)
  3. One where I pull the bands straight back with the band around a pole (with my arms at a 90-degree angle) (15 reps)
  4. Standing on the band and pulling a straight arm up in front of me to shoulder height (15 reps each arm)
  5. Standing on the band and pulling a straight arm up to the side to shoulder height (15 reps each arm)
  6. Standing on the band and doing biceps curls (15 reps each arm)
This was followed by 3 exercises using a weighted ball.
  1. Overhand throwing a small weighted ball (red) against a small trampoline set at an angle and catching it as it bounced back to me. (25 reps each arm)
  2. Holding a larger weighted ball (blue) and doing presses out from my chest (25 reps)
  3. Presses above my head with the same ball (25 reps)
On Thursday he is having me do all of the band exercises with just the red bands & next Monday we will increase to 3 sets of each exercise. At this rate I may have a nicer upper body in 4 weeks! He said his goal is to get me where I can go to a gym & work out when he is done with me.

Speaking of working out, I think I am going to go to my 1st Heavyweight Yoga class tonight - provided I am not too sore from PT and there are no heinous storms.

So today I have:

  1. Eaten a healthy breakfast
  2. Worked out
  3. Logged my meal & exercise on my Livestrong MyPlate
  4. Blogged
Time to do a bit of house cleaning and get on to some dissertation work.

Happy Monday Y'all!



  1. Way to go! A Great SSD (Strong Start Day)! I always feel full of promise on days like the one you've had :)

  2. I HAVE felt pretty awesome today!