Thursday, April 28, 2011

PT - Day 2 of Strength Training

Man... I am beat! PT was just like Monday except I did 2 sets of everything with the RED bands... and wow did that make a difference on the 2nd sets... jelly arms anyone? Martin, my DPT, also added push-ups on the wall. I cannot bear my full body weight on my arms because of my pinched nerve. Two sets of 15 at the end of all the exercises was exhausting!! I think I was thisclose to muscle failure on the last two. Whew!

It was noted that I have excellent push-up form - thankyouverymuch U.S. Army Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO circa 1993.

And yes, that is me. In the hamster cage cedar chips. Those things SUCKED. (click to enlarge)



  1. How do you have pictures of yourself from Basic? There may or may not be one or two pictures of me that I cannot confirm nor deny on the grounds that I looked janky back then. LOL

    But yay for productive PT.

  2. Ha ha - janky... you see how far away this pic is... for a REASON!

    It was maybe the last weekend before graduation and we had "unsupervised" PX time. I have a roll of pics that are of nothing but platoon mates. We are all standing in line to get into the PX. HA HA And then the one above. I remember wanting a pic of myself in those god-awful PT pits.