Monday, May 2, 2011


Nothing motivates one more than an honest-to-goodness unflattering photo. I visited with a HS friend and her 9-day-old baby on Saturday and she snapped a pic of me and her super snugly little Diva. I had such a lovely time visiting with Tami and holding/feeding/changing the Diva P. She was a delight. The photo, not so much.

It was a photo (the one on the main page - me in the gray top) that started this blog and this quest and a photo that will spur me on (well that and my HS BFF Shelli is on the same fit-by-40 journey and is 30lb down (YAY!) - I need to get on it if I am gonna make it!)

HeavyWeight Yoga tonight!



  1. Go girl!

    Also, what is this "Heavyweight yoga" of which you speak?

  2. Too much sweetness, I would have gobbled her up! And yeah pictures'll do that to you that's why I pose strategically and almost never let anyone else do the snapping. :-)

    Congrats to Shelli and you'll rock this like you do everything else.

  3. I hate pictures, they add about 20 pounds