Friday, May 20, 2011

Why a good yoga instructor makes all the difference

So ok, yea, I have been going to yoga for almost a month now and am up to 4x/week. I love it. I adore it. I cannot imagine my week without it! And it is because of my instructor Jessica.

Jessica is kind and compassionate. She is nurturing and caring. She adjusts the class to fit what is happening around us - weather, bad balance, the mood of the class - and I appreciate it all SO much.

I feel like I have become part of a community at the Arlington Yoga Center and I am really glad about it.

Tonight the weather was bad, Texas Spring storms, and there were only four of us in class. It was great because it was almost like a private session. As we were doing all of our different asanas (or poses) she was observing and as we neared the end before the awesome Shavasana she turned to me and said "You need a supported back bend." To another lady she said "You need a forward fold." To the other two she told them what they needed. And she went to each of us and set us up for whatever she thought we needed. Now I was thinking, "Why do I need a back bend and how does she know I need one?"

And as I sunk back onto that purple bolster propped against the wall and laid my head back on my rolled up towel, my arms draped down my sides an my eyes closed and it was EXACTLY what I needed. Ahhhhhhhhh... it was SO relaxing and my chest expanded and my back relaxed... it was fantastic to just lie there and be and breathe and rest in the pose.

And that was all BEFORE the lovely Shavasana that I do so enjoy at the end of each class.

What can I say, I am a yoga nut! I am so happy about being in the class and so very grateful to have found it and that it is something I enjoy.

I also can tell that I am stronger, which is a combination of four weeks of yoga and four weeks of PT. In any case, I was strong enough tonight to do cat-cow on all fours for the FIRST TIME! :D

Previously I had to do it in a chair because my shoulders & arms were not strong enough.


I am so ready for yoga at 7:45 tomorrow morning! WOOOOO!

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