Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally saw the 6!! - Part II

So the last time I "saw the 6" was back in January.. and ever since then it has been straight 7's man... bummer.

So today I got on the scale, because even though I know not to weigh myself all. the. time, I just wanted to. And you know what? It was a mood booster! 269.6! That makes me happy. It is a sign of progress and a little reward for making better choices all week.

Speaking of, here are a few things that I am proud of from the past week:

  • Went to yoga thrice this week!
  • Did not allow my personal pity party over being in a leg splint (for my left ankle) keep me from going for a 2mi walk on Thursday (and made good food/drink choices instead of emotional-eating the sad/stress away).
  • Shared a Philly cheesesteak last night with my husband and had no fries. It was SO good and worth it.
  • Chose lemonade over soda
  • had a frozen fruit bar at the movie (THOR - so good, btw) instead of a Häagen-Dazs bar. It was sweet, cold, delicious and was a good decision after the cheesesteak.
  • Drank at least 10 8-oz glasses of water each day this week! I have to thank Sarah E-B of Sarah Fitness for her often posted DRINK! reminders!
  • Posted & commented on the Aviano Saints Italian Boot Camp (20 minutes of exercise a day for 28 days - until the reunion in June). It has been so great to have a community of support and encouragement from people so dear to me. Big props to Monica for getting it going!
  • Consistently entered my food & exercises into myfitnesspal & cheered & encouraged my friends on there, too.
And so far today, even though I overslept & missed the 7:45am yoga class, I am OK with it. I obviously needed the rest. My body is still healing and my ankle is aggravated, so it needs some TLC, too. I have been kind to myself and have made good choices today, lots of water, a salad & a grilled chicken sandwich at lunch when everyone else was having chicken fried steak or a burger. Tonight we are going to a favorite local place, Eno's, and I have scoped out their menu online so I can make a good choice. I am looking forward to that glass of Tempranillo in my future! And probably a cheese plate & salad!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the extra time with your family & friends and remember that this weekend is not about mattress sales.



  1. Kandice KartchnerMay 28, 2011 at 5:55 PM

    Way to go Mylynka! Keep on making those awesome choices!