Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi you guys,


I just signed up on My Fitness Pal, so if you are on there look for me: LadyTraveller

We can encourage & support each other.

So. This week,
  • Sun. was no exercise
  • Mon - I kept Emma all day then went to yoga.
  • Tues - I had 1.5hrs of strength training at PT (no new exercises just heavier weights and more sets of each exercise)
  • Today - is Yoga
  • Thurs - is PT
  • Friday is Yoga
  • Sat. - is Yoga.
  • Sunday -is our 1st wedding anniversary!! I think I'll get plenty of walking in at the place we are going to.
I have been making good food choices and enjoyed a meal last night that came 100% from the Grand Prairie Farmers' Market. That made me smile. I am about to go eat the leftovers now, local, hormone-free, beef smoked sausage, fresh corn on the cob, and fresh green beans. YUM CITY!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday.


  1. i like your signature thingie, very cute. where did it come from?? and congrats, keep going!! i need to find a yoga studio near me...

  2. plus there will be all the OTHER kind of exercise you get on your anniversary! rrawr! ;)

  3. Exactly Elisa! You mean like dancing at the night-club, right? tee hee

    Lacey, aren't you still in Arlington? Come with me to yoga!!