Monday, May 23, 2011

One pound forward.... two pounds back

So, as you may have noticed my My Fitness Pal "X pounds lost" ticker has reset to zero.... that is OK. I just regained the 1lb I had shed. Could be water weight, could be PMS-y stuff, could be the decadent spread we treated ourselves to for our 1st Anniversary... or maybe it is muscle mass!!! Ok, it is probably not the latter, but it is fun to throw in there as a possibility - and that made me smile.

So, on to better things since I refuse to be upset by a 1lb gain.

  1. NO MORE PT!! I was released from Physical therapy this morning after my session.Now I will have to REALLY challenge myself to go to the gym 3x/week to keep up my exercises.
  2. The Summer schedule for the MAC (Maverick Activities Center - AKA the campus gym) is up and I do believe I will be doing the following:
  • Water Fitness T/TH 5-5:50pm for sure. It is really fun.
  • I am considering Group Strength** on Thurs from 3-3:50pm
  • Pilates on W from 12-12:45pm - maybe
  • Then just some time (whenever) on the machines...

I plan on working this stuff into my week to replace the physical therapy I have been doing. The real challenge is going to be TO GO! Campus is about 20mins from my house and gas is $$$ and.. and.. and.. NO MORE ANDs! I just have to go. I will work out a schedule so that I either run errands before or after class/workouts and probably go up and work in my campus office instead of here at home. That sounds like a plan... and a doable one at that. I will still be going to yoga MWF & Sat. I do {heart} the yoga so!

I want to get up to burning about 1000 calories a day. I was advised by a HS friend who is a personal trainer that this is the sure way to lose weight! Gotta get & keep my Body Movin'

I also want to eat a wider variety of plant-based & whole-grain foods (Elisa I know you are smiling your evil Vegan grin.. mwa ha ha). I want to fill up & yet use my 1400 calories to their maximum extent... i.e. getting the most for my buck (calorie) by eating well and feeling satisfied.



**Group Strength- A full body integrated resistance training class designed to improve functional strength, coordination and balance using free weights, barbells, CorePoles, BOSU trainers, and stability balls.


  1. Kandice KartchnerMay 23, 2011 at 1:29 PM

    You will do it! I am cheering for you (and so wishing we had classes offered for the yoga and pool workout here that weren't totally booked up and full.) But you are doing what you need to do! :) I need the activity to manage my sugars better, but you know it also has benefits on the side. And yes, the evil vegan plan has also infiltrated my house some too... she is just laughing all the way you know! ;)

  2. One step up and two steps back... ops.. sorry, this is a Springsteen song.. :)
    You are in the right way! If I were asked to give an advice I'd say.. don't think too much! Sometimes thinking about things is harden than doing them! You will have lot's of fun and feel so much better, just dive yourself(?) in the summer adventure! I'm with you! Un abbraccio :)

  3. ops... forgot... Water fitness all the way!!!!!

  4. Mille Grazie Fulvia!! Baci, baci! :D