Saturday, May 7, 2011

Morning, Yoga!

YES! I got up early (for a Sat. in the Casa Cardona) and went to HeavyWeight yoga. I was debating last night. Go. Don't go. Go. Don't go.

I am so glad that last night I promised Future Mylynka a vanilla latte if we went. Class was from 7:45-8:45 this morning and it was awesome!

I think I may have a new Sat. morning routine! It was so nice. The roads were mostly empty, the neighborhoods were quiet. Class was really good. I did a pretty nice (small) tree pose. I treated myself to a vanilla latte and then went to the Central Library on campus to research some secondary source material on race, gender, and sexuality in 18th century British Jamaica. All and all a loverly morning.

For lunch I met my friend Gene Rhea at a favorite local eatery, The Beirut Rock Cafe, and had a nom nom nommy falafel wrap and a Greek salad. Capped of the lunch & good conversation abotu all things Transatlantic PhD-y with a sweet Turkish coffee & then headed home.

Tonight is the department/history student orgs. end of semester shindig. A full day for sure.

OH! so get this => After class Jessica, the yoga instructor, told me I have very good form and am a yoga natural.


A natural??

At an exercise??

There seems to be a pattern developing here.... hmmm.

What do you think?

PS Finally took the time to create my signature... it actually looks a LOT like my real one.


  1. Wish I could start a day with a dance class, it seems so recharging from your words...
    You did a great thing forcing yourself a little to go, you will never regret these choices..
    Keep going you are doing great!
    Have a great Sunday and say bye to Lupe for me :)

  2. Great job on getting up and out early for your class! I have really grown to love mornings, especially for the quiet. I'm going to look for a heavyweight yoga class in FW for the summer!