Friday, May 20, 2011

Why sodas are no bueno

Lupe got home at 1am Thursday from the Kylie Minogue concert & woke me up... I couldn't go back to sleep until after 3am... I missed PT yesterday because I was so damn tired... that is OK, I had to go clean out my old/new office and get it fire code compliant so I'll still got some workout.
So I had not been drinking sodas for a while other than the occasional Vanilla Coke from Sonic because they are a yummy treat.

Yesterday during the mass clean-up/out & rearrange of my old/new office - University Hall 317 - I was thirsty. There was no bottled water, but a plethora of generic (store brand) cans of soda in the fridge. So over the course of several hours of hard work I consumed 2 and a half sodas. A creme, an orange, and half of a cola. While generic soads are not all that tasty (esp. the cola one) then were refreshing and wet my whistle, as well as gave me a sugar burst/energy that I needed while doing all that heavy lifting/furniture pushing.

So I ended up over my daily calorie goal by 520 clalories yesterday - FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY WERE THE SODAS!!!!

420 calories

Four hundred and twenty!!!!

That is a whole lot of "empty calories" - now, I know I burned a lot yesterday doing all that physical labor, but still! It blew my mind when I was filling in my food diary on My Fitness Pal and those sodas added up to 420! That is just under a third of my daily calories!!

This is a process and I am not beating myself up about it - I am pretty sure I worked most of the soda off pushing two huge metal desks, a fridge, some metal bookcases, and 15 HUGE (and heavy) boxes of books around the office yesterday. I am sore today, but in the good way. Yoga will probably really feel awesome tonight - I hope we do LOTS of stretching!

So, lesson learned, use one of the 500 plastic party cups in the office to walk down to the water fountain & fill up next time instead of reaching for a Refreshe Creme Soda! 420! Eeesh!

PS - This is a new treat I tried and really like it! They are so yummy and so little & cute!


  1. Good for your for noticing and learning from this! Can you believe you used to drink all that without a second thought? Love seeing you change your habits to be healthier!


  2. I know! I shudder to think about Route 44 Vanilla Cokes from Sonic - they have to have 500 calories at least!! Curiosity is going to make me go look that up now.

  3. never ever drink your calories. no matter what, never worth it. learned that with starbucks. used to have a 400 calorie vanilla latte thinking it was milk, how bad could it be. you will be surprised by how many calories are in things. my new bestest advice is to look it up before you consume it. i used to love pastrami reuben subs from schlotskys until i learned they were 1300 calories. i now plan before i go out and when i get there, i take the time to look it up and see the calories and then decide if it is worth it. it drives everyone nuts around me but nothing tastes as good as thin feels. additionally, you will realize very quickly how you got fat. at least i did. i always thought i ate pretty well till i started counting calories. its a wake up call. now i'm obsessed with counting.

  4. and that's 506 calories for the route 44.

  5. Thanks! i *knew* it would be 500+. Counting is my new thing, too... it is SO eye opening. I think I maybe posed here not too long ago about my shocking eye-opener about Taco Bueno bean burritos... I would pick 2 of them up on my way home at night 3x/week after 11pm thinking "hey it is just bean burritos, better than a burger & fries, right?" Until I found out a few months ago they have 609 calories EACH! EACH! No wonder I am so fat! 1218 calories at midnight!!! After junk food all day...

    Well, at lest I am more aware now and can still do something about it! YAY US Michelle!

  6. I wonder how many calories are in a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper w/ vanilla? That's my go-to Sonic drink and it's AMAZING. It's a good substitute for the real deal if you have a craving...