Thursday, May 5, 2011

PT - Day 3 of Strength Training


I failed to write my PT blog the other day. I drove 8.5hrs south over the weekend to take my MIL to her home town and was too wiped out for PT Monday at 7:30am. I rescheduled for Wed. & Friday this week. I DID go to HeavyWeight Yoga Monday night & it was fantastical!

Wed. morning I got to PT and it was a lot like last Thursday's session EXCEPT everything was with the red resistance band AND after 2 sets of all of my resistance band exercises we added this machine. On the Free Motion Dual Cable Cross, I did a series of bicep curls and arm extensions (straight out in front of me to shoulder height, palms down gripping the pulley and then the same but out to my side - 15 reps). After that was the small weighted ball throwing exercise and the chest presses & overhead presses with the medium weighted ball. This was followed by 2 sets (15 reps each set) of wall push-ups and the introduction of the corner push-up. Which looks something like this, but with feet together & you execute it like a wall push-up.

It is hard, by the way! Especially at the end of everything else I had already done!

Today was just like Wed., except I did two sets of the exercises on the Free Motion and did my shoulder shrugs there instead of with the red band. Set 1 on the Free Motion was set at 7lb... aaaugh. Set 2 was on 3lb.... aaaaaah. Martin told me Wed. that next week all resistance exercises will be on the Free Motion and 3 sets of each one. EEK! I then did the ball throws, the chest & overhead presses and TWO sets of 15 of each push-up type!!

Another DPT was there today since Martin was at a conference & I was telling her what all he wanted me to do and she said, "Oh he told me about you. You are doing the corner push-ups. You're ADVANCED!"



In an exercise-anything???

Who'd a thunk it!

Happy Weekend People!


PS HWY didn't happen Wed. or tonight due to scheduling difficulties on my part. I am (hopefully) going to get myself out of bed for the 7:45 A.M. class tomorrow!

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