Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally saw the 6!!

OK, it isn't much, but it is exciting to me. Today I weighed because I keep forgetting to on Fridays... and the scale said 269.8!! I got on and off that thing about a dozen times "just to check" and it said the same thing each time! YAY! It's nice to say I am under 270! OK, so it is only 0.2 under, but I will take it!! :) It is inspiring & now I want to see 6 again next week!

What have I been doing differently? Well, the only thing I have been doing consistently is tracking every item that passes my lips on my MyPlate. I made it a habit without even realizing it. The other day I was surprised when it awarded me the "30 consecutive day of logging meals badge"!

30 days? Already?!? I got into a healthy habit without even noticing it! :)

So, MyPlate has really helped me in a few ways:
  1. I am accountable for what goes into my body - food & drink.
  2. I am aware of what things "cost" as far as calories, etc.
  3. I am gaining an appreciation for what is a better choice and a better way to "spend" my daily allowance.
  4. I am getting a handle on how to spread my calories around and to choose things that are lower in calories, fat, sodium, etc., and more satisfying!
  5. I am getting a picture of what percentage of my daily intake is fat, carbs, and protein.
  6. I am drinking at least 8-8oz glasses of water each day & often more because I like water and I also like to drink hot herbal infusions (teas). And I kinda like when the graphic of the glass fills up and splashes out of the top when you drink 8+ glasses. ;0)
  7. I track my weight on a cool chart that is fun to watch when it starts to angle down to the right!
  8. I can use the MyRecipe feature to input recipes I make and get an accurate nutritional count for each serving.
  9. I don't beat myself up for having a lunch or dinner that isn't the best choice. I know I have another opportunity to make a better choice at the next meal. And like Dani told me "it is a process" so I have to remember that.
I am finding that I want healthier foods... and that as good as fried things taste, they make me feel not so good after I eat them. So I am making progress. Soon I will add exercise back into the mix... I have to see what the physical therapist says, but that is another blog.


Dislclaimer: I found searching for something else and began using the MyPlate tool on my own. I am not receiving anything from except what I learn from using the free tools on their site.