Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Mingle - January 10, 2011

Morning folks.

It is Monday so time to Mingle.

Ok, so the Monday Mingle is hosted by Jenn at EightyMPHMom and
Today's questions are by Robyn from Robyn’s Online World:

1. Who has the best voice you have ever heard? Or sexiest?
2. Would you rather be smarter, more athletic, or better looking?
3. If you were a doctor, which specialty would you choose?

As I mentioned last week, if you would like to participate just go here and follow the directions. It is SO easy.

I guess technically I AM going to be a Dr. of Philosophy, so I should have answered #3 by saying that I choose History as my specialty. :D


  1. I could listen to James Earl Jones all day! Such a soothing and strong voice.

    LMAO at the "you can only do so much with genetics and I don't do surgery" Love that answer.

    Have a good week!

  2. You are a book doctor! I'm imagining you with a stethoscope listening to the book's heartbeat

  3. I AM a book doctor! HA HA - thanks Merry... gotta run, lots of "patients" piled up that need to be tended to... looks like I gotta crack a few open today. ;D

  4. Oh, you are so cute! I must be weird because I'm not into deepness, but I love Star Wars, I really do.

    Have fun cracking a few open today.

  5. I said James Earl Jones too. I think he's on everyone's list.

    LOL Yes, you *should* have chosen HISTORY!!!!!

    "Keep your gross body to yourself!"

  6. You wrapped a bunch of notable quotables in this mingle, lol, great to see! You're the second to say James Earl Jones. I think he's tied with Sam Elliott. We need a speak-off.