Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Mingle, or The first time I vlog.

Hello All!

Today I thought I would begin with something new - a vlog. The easiest way to do that is to jump into the Monday Mingle. I watched Dani's Monday Mingle vlogs just about every Monday she posted last year and thought, "Well, isn't that neat. I should do that." Lupe bought me a nice webcam for Christmas and so here I am.

Ok, so the Monday Mingle is hosted by Jenn at EightyMPHMom and today's questions (submitted by Robyn from Robyn’s Online World) are:
1. What time do you set your alarm for on weekdays?
2. How long does it take your kids to get out of bed from the time you first wake them to when the feet actually touch the floor?
3. What is your best and worst thing about getting the kids up and ready for school?

Although these questions don't all apply to me (I am not a mom), I decided to wait no more to join the Mingle, so I just jumped in and went for it! If you’d like to participate all the how-tos are available via the badge/link above!

Thanks DANI!

A few notes:
  1. I am make-up free and not even showered yet.
  2. My office is a complete mess. I am trying to reorganize it, so just ignore the stacks o'crap behind me.
  3. I started talking before the camera was ready... I was going to rerecord it, but the face I am making at start-up is hilarious to me so I have left it as-is.


  1. Welcome to Monday Mingle! So glad you joined in :)
    {Don't you love those still shots? I have a few doozies myself lol}
    LOL our cats take over the bed as soon as I get out of bed. They claim it as their own.
    Aww nice coffee waiting! That makes getting out of bed not so crazy.
    You did great with your first vlog. Wouldn't have guessed. Hope you join in again!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Cox. I do believe I will join in again!

  3. You are a natural!
    Love your first mingle...
    My cats wake me up as well..Ugh. They are ALWAYS hungry.
    Loved your mingle!
    Definitely do it AGAIN!

  4. Welcome to Monday Mingle!!!! So glad Dani got you to join in - you did a fabulous job. I'm with you - waking up early is no fun at all!

  5. Welcome to Monday Mingle!!

    We are a one car family too! So we have to get up SUPER early to take him to the bus and then that's how our day starts!

    Furry friends are lots of fun!

    Oh that's nice that your hubby has coffee ready for you sometimes!
    Nice to meet you and great job on the vlog!

  6. Mylynka, you are so rocking that haircut! Love it in "real life".

    Those fur babies can be worse than the hairless (well, mostly hairless) kind when it comes to empty food dishes. LOL

    Love Lupe with the coffee ~ so well trained! LOL

    So glad you joined the Monday Mingle, big ol' hugs to ya.

  7. ha, funny to see you "live" after all this time. you sound like such a grown-up. are those VHS tapes in the bookshelf behind you? hahaha. i thought you'd be vlogging about your "fit by 40"--though i imagine there are SO many interesting things you can do with your new webcam! muahahahah. what? i meant like filming your 21-day vegan adventure. ;)

  8. Thanks for all the LOVE y'all! I thought it was alright fro my very first vlog. :D

    @Monday Minglers - I plan on doing the Mingle each Monday so I will see y'all again.

    @Dani - thanks for the inspiration.

    @Elisa - I will vlog about my Fit by 40 and other stuff, too. The stuff on the book shelf is all my Stampin' Up! stuff... I am a crafter (when I have time). Oh, I have thought about all the stuff a webcam is good for. What? Like Skype... yea, that is what I *thought* you meant.

  9. Hello!! I am so glad you joined in Monday Mingle! You did an excellent job - I would never guess this was your first vlog.

    I have furry critters too, and they rarely sleep longer than I do. They know once I'm up, it's breakfast time. Then they try to trip me on the way downstairs lol.

    It is so nice to meet you and I hope you'll come back!