Sunday, April 3, 2011

No one told me it doesn't get easier.

So hot on the heels of passing my comprehensive exams (WOOO!) I have been offered a History of Civilization II class this fall! 16-weeks... MWF 9-9:50am YAY! ACK! It is so exciting and so scary at the same time. I also have a LOT of other things due/to do the remainder of the year.

So the breakdown is this (in no real order):
  • I have to determine whether I want to teach World Civ or Western Civ. It is up to me.
  • I have to select books.
  • Make a syllabus.
  • Make all my exams/quizzes/assignments, etc.
  • Read, read, read
  • Write lectures - find images & primary source documents
  • Make powerpoints
All BEFORE class starts the week of August 25th.

In addition to all of this class-prep work I have to:
  • Read, read, read
  • write my dissertation prospectus & get it approved (by the end of the Fall semester)
  • write a 25-30pp article for an academic journal (Terrae Incognitae:The Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries) my paper abstract was accepted for (YAY!/ACK!) - by November
  • assemble my dissertation committee - ASAP
  • apply for more travel grants/funding - by April 15th
  • get my passport updated with my NEW name - ASAP
  • go to London & The Hague for research - for about 2 weeks in June/July/Early August
  • Prepare a paper proposal for a conference by April 30th & write a paper if accepted.

Um, I guess I am considered a historian and scholar now! EEEK!

Dani over at Living Outside the Stacks asked me today in our Facebook back-and-forth messaging "How do you fit it all in and still remember to eat, sleep and pee (never mind spend time with Lupe)? Good gracious!" Which made me realize that I am also keeping my BFFs adorable daughter 1x/week through June 15th and still have to find time to exercise, clean house, grocery shop, do laundry, blog... PLAY ON FACEBOOK!!

and I just realized I am an instructor for an online HIST 1311 (US 1) that starts on April 17th! ACK!!

I guess at age 39 I am going to finally have to learn to prioritize - damn it.


  1. LOL You can do it, Mylynka. And, um, congrats on getting your proposal accepted. How did I miss that little nugget? I know I've said it before, but I'm incredibly proud of you and I'm so happy that we are both nerdy history girls!

  2. Kandice KartchnerApril 3, 2011 at 6:44 PM

    You will do a great job and manage it all with great aplomb. I have faith! :)

  3. Start with these:
    1.Apply for more travel grants/funding - by April 15th

    2.Get my passport updated with my NEW name - ASAP

    And then you can take lots of cool pictures when you get to London & The Hague, and then do some research there too.

  4. Thanks y'all! Brandon I can check BOTH items off the list! :D