Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weigh-In Wednedsay

Ok, so the first of the Weigh-in Wednesdays begins here:

Start weight: 275

Last Week: 264.0

This Morning: 262.8

Progress!!! I was really expecting it to be 265, so I am kinda stoked!!

I have yet to track my food stuffs on MyFitnessPal, but will head there next.

Thanks for hanging in with me on the "boring" posts.



  1. Way to go Mylynka! Keep it up! :) I just went to the doctors, and found out I haven't gained any weight since I was last in! That is a great thing. :) Plateau or not, it's not gaining!
    Next step is upping exercise and keeping tighter watch on my bloodsugars. I got the portions cut down. :)

    Also, if you ever want/need a place to flop and are in Clarksville area you're covered. Ya never know.
    Besides here is a trival, but "fun" historical bit I never realised till I was reading about the base to bone up on the area: On March 6,1942 the military officially listed Ft.Campbell as being in TN-- because 3/4 of the base is on the TN side of the border. However, this caused problems with the mail, because the actual postal office is in KY. After a confluence of mixed up, lost and otherwise annoying mail issues continued For over 7 months because of this, the Army finally conceeded that they would designate Ft. Campbell as being in KY on September 23, 1942. This said it caused quite a problem for taxes, since so many people lived in TN, not KY but technically were working now in another state. This then prompted a Federal tax law, that limits KY ability to tax people working on the KY sections of the base: Individuals performing services on the Kentucky portion of Fort Campbell only pay taxes to the state where they are residents!( US Code Title 4, Chapter 4, §115.)

    I knew my paralegal studies degree would come in handy, but this was just too cool. And it saves me so much effort, because I am NOT giving up my Arizona residency!

  2. Way to go! I'm so happy for you. I know you're going through that crazy get everything organized phase right now, so stay focused.