Sunday, November 21, 2010


Wow! What is THIS? A blog post.... from me?

Well, I have decided to keep on trucking. I fell off the Get-Fit-By-40 wagon, but realized it can be caught again. I fell into my usual routine of being REALLY gung-ho and all about it, for about 2 whole weeks.. ok maybe a few more. I made a some really great breakthroughs and got over my fear of being in a swimsuit. I got over my fear of being the only fattie in aerobics class. Then, I don't know what happened (well, I kinda do), but




I stopped eating healthy.

I stopped exercising.

I stopped believing I could do it.

About the same time as I stopped exercising, I began to freeze up about my doctoral exams. I was so worried that I would fail my exams and that fear paralyzed me. I was so afraid of failing my exams that I couldn't even open my books and notes and get started studying. I pretty much stopped doing everything. I should have just kept blogging - it IS cathartic and therapeutic (for me) and I do get a boost from your comments, advice, and cheers!

SO, Now what?

My original plan was to be in a really good place for the 2010 Holidays. By that I mean that I thought by now I would be "used" to eating healthy and in an exercise routine so I could better resist the holiday temptations and over-indulgences. But hey, there is no time like the present and who says I HAVE to overeat? So, I am heading into the "holiday season" with an open mind and the word "moderation" on my lips.

And about those exams, I am back on track... but that will be the next post.


  1. Mylynka
    This is awesome! Keep up the good work :o) You will find your groove and when you do its on! I complete a 21 Detox program with Michelle. I didnt think I was going to be able to do it. It was tough. Eating nothing but fruit and veggies for 10 days then adding 3 ozs of fish or chicken for the rest. It wasnt easy. We did it though and I tell you what, it was a small feat but a huge victory. We both decided to do it and we did! Along the way we learned about healthy eating and alternatives for tasty snacks! I challenge you to change something today.. right now.. right after you finish reading this. Just decide, and do it!!
    Keep it up M! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Becoming healthier is not easy, but you're on the right track by simply having a positive attitude. Especially going into the holiday season. Even if you do no more than remind yourself you don't have to over eat, you're still doing something. Keep on with the small things...eventually they add up to big things.

  3. I agree with Val, it's not easy to make a change (and this is making a big life change). Don't beat yourself up when you stumble, act like those folks who trip out in public ~ look at the ground like *it* got in your way and then keep on walking.

  4. Keep at it Mylynka, it took me a long time to get my head round weight loss but I managed 5 stone over a year and have kept it off for nearly 3 years now :-) Don't think of it as dieting, it's a life overhaul. Be kind to yourself too, we all have wobbles on the way but that's life. Dust yourself off and keep onwards and upwards!!