Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well, I knew this would happen at some point because it usually does.  I am in a backslide.  Ok, I was in a MAJOR backslide about 2 weeks ago and it was bad.  Now I am in a slow skid to a stop to end the backslide and turn myself around.

When I say backslide I mean total dropping of all of my good habits and the picking back up of my bad habits. Fast food, fried things, poor choices over better ones, no exercising, not drinking enough water (Sarah just gave me a scolding look & a finger wag), and not getting enough sleep.

I'd like to blame it all on the craziness that is the end of the semester.  I'd like to blame it on the fact that my yoga instructor (who I adore) is not teaching at the moment. I'd like to blame it on my "too busy" schedule.  I'd like to blame it on anyone/anything that isn't the real culprit: ME.

Here is why I think I am in a backslide:

  1. I got cocky - losing 20lb is confidence building. "Psssht, I GOT this!  I don't need to work at it."
  2. I am not choosing wisely - "Ok, having fries and a soda "this one time" ain't gonna hurt."
  3. I am lazy
  4. Getting fit is hard work
  5. Being dedicated to change is hard work
  6. Being committed to a goal is hard work
  7. Making meal plans is hard work 
  8. Scheduling the time to exercise is hard work
(you see a theme here) 


And I am lazy.  Here is what I have learned:
  • All meals are not created equal
  • Being a vegetarian (or a mostly veggie flexitarian) can be hard when you go out.  
  • I am a mindless eater
  • Drinking my calories is a no-no (tall vanilla latte, Guinness, occasional soda, I am looking at you)
  • I am a HUGE time waster
  • I have the time to do all of the things I need to be doing and I don't
    • I mean I don't have kids
    • I am "off" all summer - only 1 5wk course I am auditing and that pesky dissertation to work on.
So, what to do.  Here are some plans/goals bouncing around in my head:
  • Get back on-board with the water (Sarah just did a happy dance)
  • Get back to MOVING MY BODY (because once I get going I actually do like to Move-it Move-it)
  • Back to the 99% veg diet.  I was so "good" when I was adhering. (I do not like the terms "good/bad"   when referring to diet, btw)
  • Get 8hrs of sleep - I have no excuse for that one, really.
Ok, that is all for now.  I will leave you with this:

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  1. The emotions I went through reading this post.... :-)

    Let's get you moving again. You can do this. Keep a food journal. Write down EVERYTHING. Yeah, I know you know this. I'll stay IN YOUR FACE ;-)