Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Called Me OUT!

So in the spirit of friendly challenges, I recently called out my long-time friend Dani over at Living Outside The Stacks to participate in FatMumSlim's PhotoADay monthly challenge next month.  Dani is a spectacular photographer who has let her camera accumulate dust over the past month or so and I figured some good-natured public challenging would spur her to get that camera back into action...  Little did I know that it would spur ME back into action...  She gave my blog a shout out in her post today, which you can see here.

I thought, you know, if Dani's large blog following were to click on the link to my blog what would they find?  Um, a whole lot of sporadic blogging, not a lot on my quest to find fitness, which truth be told has taken a backseat to, um, er, uh.... well, nothing... I just haven't been questing to be fit... wer werr...  But that is a forthcoming post, so you'll have to wait for that.

Anyhow, I issued this challenge in the comments section on Dani's post today:

Speaking of "calling out,"  I should probably get back to regularly blogging...  Here is the deal... in August you will do the Photoaday challenge and I will blog!  Deal?  

So, here is what I need to do - Blog everyday.  Even if it is a short blurb. I mean, I cant have Dani photographing daily and not blog can I???


PS  If you want to participate in the PhotoADay fun go here for the info! You can see all of my Photo A Day pic on Instagram - @Mylynka - on Twitter - @Mylynka - and I am thinking of doing a weekly dump here if I can figure out how to do a photogrid or some type of other thing (ideas welcome).