Monday, July 11, 2011

Back home and ready to get back on track!

Hello from my desk in Texas! I am officially the Worst Travel Blogger EVER! I didn't post a single thing here while away. Ah well, I do have good excuses. Would you like to hear them?

  1. While in London I was busy at the Royal Geographical Society & The British Library researching and did not feel like doing more reading/writing when I got back to the hotel each night.
  2. When I got to Holland the battery for my laptop died and my charger was not working (come to find out it was just a faulty adapter plug - whew!). So no internet for me.
  3. Once in Paris there were internet cafe's a-plenty, and cheap, too, but they were hot, crowded and I was in Paris for both work & pleasure, so was not in the mood to sit & blog in a sweaty internet cafe the size of a mid-size sedan. I think you'll forgive me.
So, I have decided to do a series of post-travel reports/blogs starting either later today or tomorrow. I have to get my week sorted out and get on with all the work I need to do as well.

I am glad to be back and am happy to report that I gained no weight while abroad. This largely due to the fact that I walked EVERYWHERE! It was greatness. I wish we had public transportation here.

More soon. I promise!! But here is a little touristy pic to tide you over until I truly do a travel-post.

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