Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A little late night encouragment.

The following (edited) conversation was prompted by this photo. I posted a private message to a small group on Facebook around Midnight last night.

ME: Yea, I need to get some control of my life. I have no discernible jawline....

JENNIFER: you can do it! one day, on meal at a time.

LISA: You can do it the same way Mike Scherwitz and I are doing it.

ME: And I didn't get my 10-min workout in I should have done it this morning, but then got busy.  today, I mean 

LISA: Do you have 10 min. now? 

ME: I do, but my hubby is asleep. Don;t want to wake him. I will do them both tomorrow. 

LISA: Good plan. 

ME: thanks! I am glad I did yesterday's. My butt was sore today!and my back from the plank walks, all in that good-sore way.

JENNIFER: Mylynka go do some push ups and body weight squats, those are nice and quiet! 

ME: That is true Jennifer. I will do them before bed. I promise! I think the squats is why my ass hurts today! LOL 

JENNIFER: go you! omg yes squats are a great bum burner lol

ME: so, about how many should I do?

LISA: I do 3-4 sets of 25 at a rapid pace. but everyone is different.

JENNIFER: what lisa said, that should be good, and do it in a circuit fashion, pushups then squats, rest for 30-60 and repeat 

ME: ah, ok. so 3-4 sets of 25 of each exercise? thanks!! 

JENNIFER: yes!  err well max out on the pushups, those can be hard for beginners. hell i can only crank out about 40 

ME: I can do them modified, on an elevated surface, or wall in plank position. I can only do about 2 on the floor. 

JENNIFER: yes, good thinking 

ME: I'll report back in the morning! 

JENNIFER: yea i wanna see your numbers 

ME: numbers? (sorry, I am getting tired) 

JENNIFER: how many sets/reps you do for each 

ME: yea, i better go do 'em before I get too tired 

JENNIFER: yes you better 

ME: ok, off to do my push-ups & squats. Talk to y'all tomorrow ladies. Night night! 



ME: Ok, I did 2 set of 25 wall push-ups, 2 sets of 25 squats, 15 of the "over the chair" leg lifts, 15 lateral leg lifts, the Heismans, and dips.(from today's BodyDrive). I am so freaking tired & I think my arms & quads might be in muscle failure. It feels good though! Thanks Jennifer & Lisa for making me do it!

LISA: You are awesome. Thank yourself for not allowing excuses to keep you from your goal. Really proud of you.

JENNIFER: ^5 you did it!! you are awesome and you will thank yourself later. Now get some good rest!
ME: I did Mike's 10-mins of stretches & took a hot bath! Heading to sleep. ok,I'll say it.... I am little proud of me right now.
LISA: You should be A LOT proud of you right now. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day...and a new workout.
SARAH I missed this whole thing! But yay, Mylynka! Aren't you glad you did it? And Jennifer and Lisa are quite awesome!

ELISA: I missed the whole thing... anyway, way to go, mylynka! i'm glad they were online to encourage you like you encouraged me the other night. i'm always loathe to start, but i always feel better once i've finished! yay you!

ME: Aw, thanks. Oh, and record, I am not sure if I can get out of bed.... Of course, I HAVE to. The coffee is not in here!!

JENNIFER: mmmmm coffee is in my mug right now

THANKS LADIES!!!  My butt hurts and my arms are sore, but I KNOW it is worth it!!