Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday & Workouts

Well hello faithful readers,

It is the second week of 2012 and so much is happening already.  I have been working out everyday (except 1 - I was feeling pretty puny yesterday) and have been eating really well.  I was disappointed with my weigh-in this morning, but it is OK, it is till a loss!

Starting Weight: 275

Last Week: 263.4

This Week: 262.8

So it is a 0.6lb loss for the week.  I am ok with it, at least is it movement in the right direction.

Speaking of moving, like I mentioned above, I have been keeping to BodyDrive's Daily 10. You can join me by going to the videos here. Mike does an excellent job of showing each exercise WITH modifications and it is nice because you can stop & start as needed.  I usually watch each video all the way through, writing down each exercise and how many reps/duration then I can refer to the notes once I get moving.  I found this rump shakin' mix on YouTube and play it while I do each days' routine. I'll take other music suggestions, they just need to be at least 15mins long.

I am really proud of myself for sticking to this workout.  Each one takes me between 15-20 minutes because I am slow, and a beginner, and I want to get in all the reps that I can.  I figure if i do all the exercises then it is a great workout.  I get sweaty, I feel great, and I feel tired/sore later.  It is amazing what 15mins can do.  I also do the 10mins of stretching after. Mike has 2 different stretching videos posted.  It feels SO GOOD!

So Mike has T-shirts for sale and I decided to buy one.  I figured that he is providing the workouts for free I can at least support him by buying a T-shirt.  It has his business logo & "The Daily 10" on the front.  I had to get one in a men's 2XL for it to fit me.  I decided that I will take a photo in it every couple of weeks and see how my progress goes.  I'd like to be able to wear a women's size (comfortably) by the end of the year.

UPDATE: I weighed the next day and had actually lost a scootch over 3lb for the week!  It was an awesome feeling. And put me at 260!  YEA!!

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