Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Damn it all!

So about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after my annual "well woman" exam - all was found well with this woman, btw, I started to feel off.  Just chilly, so I turned the A/C up.  I was still chilly - like, had chill bumps cold....  so I took my temp, 100.6 - W.T.F?

This low-grade fever went until I sweat it out around 1:30 this morning.  I woke up at 10:30 with terrible earaches and the distinct feeling that my throat was swelling on the right side.  (so much for excellent bourbon and some terrifically hot habanero pepper sauce for a cure)

I SO DO NOT NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. (in short I have 2 academic presentations this week on campus, 2 more classes to teach, a luncheon, an awards dinner (hopefully), a girl-time catch-up brunch, a hair appointment, a friend's birthday dinner, and oh, MY birthday - which has been planned to the hilt by two of my finest friends and I cannot wait!

And it is my BIRTHDAY WEEK - RUDE!!  I think Birthday Week will now commence beginning on the day of (Sat, March 24) and continue for a full week thereafter.  Maybe it will be "Welcome to the Forties Week!" and I'll have champagne everyday.  I should lecture with chalk in one hand & a flute of champagne in the other, no? Herm, that may begin a bad habit I won't be inclined to quit....

So, I went BACK to the Dr. today at 3pm. No Strep - YAY!, but she is not liking the swollen gland (or whatever it is) or the now returned fever - is 99 my new number? I am on an antibiotic and taking acetaminophen, decongestants, a nasal steroid, and an allergy pill.  TMI ALERT: Sinus drainage seems to be an issue as well for the throat irritation.
Oh and waiting for me when I got home, the results of my blood work from Friday's physical - my cholesterol is a little bit high for the first time ever.
My "calculated LDL Chol" is 123. The sheet I received said it should be <100This only chaps my hide because I have always had great numbers - ALWAYS!  I have always been one of those very genetically lucky people who, despite being morbidly obese have great cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. I am really just mad at myself because Dr. Harvey warned me last year during my physical that this would happen.  Her exact words were "Mylynka you are going to undo all your good genetic gifts by being overweight."  And I really did something about it only sporadically.  I am really, really unhappy about all of this.  I would like to eat an entire pint of ice cream right now... but I stopped at 1/3. Well, there is something to that I should be happy about - I didn't try to drown everything in a full pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, even though it made my throat feel better.


  1. Hang in there lady. Fingers crossed things turn around for you with a quickness!

  2. Thanks KDB, I am thinking it might. :D