Thursday, March 22, 2012

Short post

A short post to say that I have had to be out early this week for on-campus conference presentations, so have yet to weigh in.  So my WIW (weigh-in Wed.) will be a WIF this week, you know if I remember in the morning! HA!

Also, I just pre-ordered this: 

I have her other Clean-Eat Diet book and really like it.  It is so great because all the food is REAL. By real I mean it isn't fat-free this, or sugar-free that.  It is real food.  I am all about eating real food, not processed nastiness.  When I discovered that Fat-Free Half & Half had corn syrup in it I started drinking my coffee black... why the eff does half & half need corn syrup??  Anyyyyyyway....  I'll let you know how I like the veggie version sometime in May (or this summer when I have a bit more time!).

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