Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting the right start to my day

Ok, most of you know I am NOT a morning person, but the combination of Lupe moving to a day shift (7a-3:30p) and the truck deciding to break to the tune of $1000+ in repairs has made me have to get up EARLY in the mornings (on days when I need the car). So, here I am, Mrs. Grumpy AM having to get up, get dressed(ish), and drive by 6:30am... BOOOOOO! >(

The cold weather has finally arrived in TX, at least for a few days, and it was 24-degrees when we walked outside this morning. Me. No. LIKE. When I got back home, around 7:20am, I wanted something hot and substantial for breakfast as opposed to my usual 2 cups of coffee. But what is quick, easy, doesn't require breaking out multiple pots, pans, bowls, and/or other appliances?



I fixed myself the yummiest bowl of oatmeal this year! It was rolled oats, dried cranberries, cinnamon, walnuts, and a small amount of butter & a spoon of sugar. It was SPECTACULAR, delicious, nutritious, and FAST! I am actually full and satisfied and WARM all over. Yay for oatmeal. I need to see if I can keep this up each morning. I like hot cereals... Cream of Wheat, Grits... mmmmm

Do you have a hot cereal you like? Any recipes you want to share?



  2. I do that with oatmeal too. This is gonna sound weird but I always keep trail mix in the house and throw a handful in with the oatmeal. Same with dried fruits.