Sunday, December 26, 2010

Must-do list for 2011

Hello All.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas (or whatever winter holiday/event you celebrate) and are ready for 2010 to come to a close and 2011 to begin. 2011 is going to be a busy year for me and is already filling up it seems. Thinking of all I have to do/accomplish before July is already stressing me out... so I have decided to portion it out into bite-sized pieces and see if I can chew & swallow it all a bit better.

First up is to make some serious efforts towards the goals I have set out here in this blog. I really DO want to be fit by the time I am 40 and have about 15 months to do it, which is plenty of time if I will make like a Nike ad and JUST DO IT.

Second, I need to get moving on the study pile for my upcoming exams. I have about 6weeks left before my exam dates and have yet to really knuckle down to the books. It really is go-time and all my months of half-assery are up. Comps are not something I can just cram for the week before. Once I am ABD (All But Dissertation) things will be better.

Then in no particular order: I need to clean & organize the house, get my dissertation proposal finished and approved, plan my research trip, and get funding to go. Somewhere in there is a HS reunion in San Antonio in June, a wedding, and Lupe's 40th birthday in August. So far nothing is on the books yet for September - December - haha.

Part of what helps me to be honest is to keep posting here. Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging me this year. I hope to have great results to report back to you on all fronts! Some things for you to look forward to me posting about:

  •'s My Plate - a food diary/calorie counter/activity log I started using.
  • Comprehensive exams (and how I do).
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Research travel plans
  • a possible honeymoon/1st Anniversary trip
  • a resumed exercise/activity routine (I can't be out of shape in Europe, I will have to walk everywhere and don't want to be the Obese American huffing and puffing from place-to-place.)
I also got a webcam from Lupe for Christmas so may venture into the world of vlogging as well.

So many adventures await!

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  1. So ready to follow your adventures and travel vicariously ~ Love to you and Lupe. Can't wait to see you vlog for the first time!