Friday, December 3, 2010

I just wanna see a 6! (the number not the size)

I didn't weigh today. I am not sure if one should weigh everyday. I don't know if it is helpful or discouraging. A friend of mine was on an eating plan that had you weigh everyday then at the end of each week you averaged the weights to see what your weight was and would then compare your averages week-to-week (or something like that). Supposedly that method helped to overcome daily fluctuation, etc. Some people say weigh daily, others 1x/week, and still others say not to weigh yourself at all. Me, I just want to see a 6 as my middle number next week. I want to drop out of the 270-zone! It will be a big boost for me to maybe be at 268 next week!

So, weigh-ins? Do you do them? If so when, how often? What are your thoughts on it all?


  1. Great goal Mylynka! I know you can do it, and just think...if you can continue making these little changes during the holiday season it will be so much easier when you are not constantly surrounded by holiday parties, etc.

    As for me, I follow WW and I weigh in once a week. I did the weigh-in everyday thing and it never seemed to motivate me any more. Weighing-in once a week gives me the motivation to see a positive change on the scale.

    Keep working hard!

  2. Once a week and always at the same time, (better) in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Also its important to keep a journal so on the "not so good days/week" you can look back at the positive progress to keep it reality based and not a total trauma/drama....hope that helps.

  3. Once a week, first thing in the morning right before my shower, i.e. neked.

  4. Thanks guys! Thanks for helping, supporting, and generally being awesome to/for me!

    GROUP HUG?? :D

  5. I weigh in when I go to my doctors. I realise it's every three months on average, but that way I hear where I was over the last while, I see a greater cumulative effect, and overall I see if I am essentially staying the same weight, going up some or going down consistantly, even if slowly. The thing I like about that is that my doctor also recognises if I am progressing well or not and we can discuss what has been working and see if there is anything else I hadn't thought of. The real point of the meetings is medication and diabetic monitoring in a way, but since part of that is dietary and weight loss-- it gets covered, and since they take my weight at the beginning if I lost enough to make me surprised I get to play with converting pounds into meteric (Had a local German doctor too many years in Europe you know.)