Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday already? I need some time management!

Where does the time go? It is already August 4th! ACK! It is already Wednesday this week... What happened to my Monday & Tuesday? Time is flying by and I have nothing to show for it. I really need to get myself on a set schedule.

So when do you guys work out? Mornings before work? In the afternoons when you get home? On your lunch hour? Before bed? I am trying to figure out a "perfect" time and don't know when that is. It should be easy for me as my time is very unstructured right now - the pitfall of being at this point in my academic career... no scheduled anything! I am on my own to finish up some loose-ends (papers) and to study for my comprehensive exams. I need to make and adhere to a schedule of some sort every day or else I will never finish anything... getting fit included.

SO, a few things I could use some comments on:

  1. Workout times - what works for you and why?
  2. Time management advice - what works for you and why?
  3. How do you make yourself stick to your plans for #1 & #2 above?
Oh and on the friendly advice of a reader (thanks E.) I am going to schedule an appt. with a Dr. and get a physical & medical greeenlight before getting too much further in this fitness quest. It really is a good idea, I mean you generally get the car looked at before a long road trip, right? Besides, there may be some other things that I need to address that I don't know about. I'll keep ya posted!


  1. You might like getting your workout in at the beginning of the day if you are not feeling to enthusiastic about the process of working out.

    You can fell good about yourself all day knowing that you "did it" when you workout early in the day rather than spend the afternoon dreading the fact that you still have to do your workout.

  2. I would be the "not enthusiastic about the process of working out" person. I absolutely loathe getting started. Ironically, I love the feeling when I actually get started. Right now, early morning is best because it's cool (to go outside) if you start going outside way early you'll get that early morning light which gives you more energy during the day as well.

    I'm still working on the schedule thing. Will try to let you know when I figure something out (fingers crossed!!) ;)

  3. I workout most of the time and preferably first thing in the morning. If I can't, I workout the very first available time in the day or evening.

    I have a very busy schedule and I manage to workout nearly every single day. It is a scheduled and planned event. I know what I am going to do and where I am going to do it and for how long I am going to do it for.

    The best way I found to stick with it, is to have a super reliable workout partner. Someone who would never consider canceling on me. Nor would I ever cancel on him or her. It's a bond you build, a trust that the other will always be there to help you through the tough days, and you to be there to help them through there tough days. Because there is no getting around having tough days.... the great days?? Those are easy to get up for!

  4. I am a morning person and I like to work out at the beginning of the day. Alarm goes off, merry puts in her contacts, drinks a protein drink and heads to the gym. As far as time management, I get a lot more done if I workout first because I don't sit around thinking about when I will workout. I have worked out after class before, but that messed with my sleep schedule. As far as sticking to it, I am just really hard on myself if I don't go, and when merry is mad at merry, that is not a pretty picture.

  5. Hey cuz, Thanks for letting us read your blog! I added your new blog to my list. I guess our conversation about Mexican breakfast wasn't too motivationsl! I didn't know about your quest!I'm also trying to get fit. For me, walking is about as strenuous as I realistically can/will handle. I walk 2 miles in the morning with a couple of friends. That's the key for me - accountability. I know they are waiting on me and expecting me to be there. I'd find a workout bud that won't cancel on you! Good luck!

  6. Yea, a workout buddy I think is going to be one of the keys to my success. I also like classes. I think I like them because there is a definite beginning, middle, and end, unlike say the treadmill or a bike which is immensely boring(for me anyway). And if I go to classes maybe I will meet people and get excited about seeing them each class! I am wanting to start the water fitness & water aerobics classes at UTA when the semester starts in a few weeks (hence the need for the suit coordinating towel & flip-flops post earlier).

  7. I decided that anytime I'm watching TV I'm going to be on the bike. I did this while at my mom's and it worked.... so late last year, Ashton got me my own bike. I did it religiously while I was pregnant. Not so much since. I feel guilty every time I see it, but tonight, I'm making the commitment to do this.