Sunday, August 1, 2010

Showing some sort of self-restraint

So, some friends of mine are going through a really tough time. They have had a pretty shitty year with deaths in each of their families, other craziness and now they are having to close their business. I love them both dearly, they are both such good and kind people and a lot of fun to boot. It just kills me that everything is super sucky for them and there is not much I can do except be there for them as a good friend.

I want to go into the kitchen and eat brownies and ice cream. But, I am proud to say that all I have done is acknowledge that desire, not give in to it. Instead, I took some vitamins, drank some lemonade and am going to channel my pent-up energy, frustration, anger, etc., into cleaning my home office. It needs it BADLY!

This still sucks though.


  1. you can do it!! (also, I have an office that needs cleaned if you still have pent up energy and frustration.) hehe.

  2. Glad you're refocusing that negative energy into something positive. If you still have negative vibes floating around, going for a walk helps too. Also when I first started trying to lose weight/get in shape, I bought an EA Sports Active and worked out with it, it may feel like a game but you are sore after and you do work muscles you didn't know you have.

  3. Ha! Brandy, I still have an office to clean, and a bedroom, and a spare room, and a garage, and, and, and...

    Dani, I have the WiiFit and the WiiFit Plus and I really enjoyed it when I was doing it regularly. I don't know why I quit, I just know I need to start up again. Soon!