Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you Universe!!

I weighed myself today... 271.4. WHAT?!? Sweet! Now, I know not to get too excited, it is probably water loss, or post-menstrual debloat, or whatever, but... it is NOT 275, so that makes me happy. And it is nice to see a wee bit of progress. It is like the universe says, "I see you are interested in making an actual, healthy effort this time Mylynka. I grant you a 3.6lb loss."

Thank you Universe!! I will accept the gift graciously and not waste it! Besides 2lb per week is generally accepted as a healthy/safe amount to lose and makes it easier to keep off, is it not? So, I started this journey 10days ago, so I am on track. YAY ME!

Ok, some random things:

  • I bought a towel & flip-flops to coordinate with my swimsuit. I haven't ever really done that before, but thought that it may motivate me more and make me feel better about going to the pool for lap swims and the water aerobics classes in the Fall. I found myself kind of apologizing to the sales lady in Vera Bradley because I thought it so silly to coordinate towel & shoes to my aqua swimsuit. She (an older lady) said, "Dear, there is nothing strange about that. It is like when you decide to start walking on a treadmill and go buy brand new tennies before you start. Whatever it takes to get you going, right?" And I thought, yea... whatever it takes, I like that attitude. Here are my new swimsuit accessories, they were even on sale - DOUBLE WIN!

  • I need a designated water cup. Several years ago, I read that you will drink more water if you have a designated water glass. It can be as plain or as fun & funky as you desire. Maybe it is Waterford crystal, maybe it is a gimme cup from your local sports team, but it is your designated water cup. As silly as it seems, it worked. I got a cool glass goblet from Pier One. It was clear with multi-jewel toned and gold, raised glass nubs in a diamond pattern on it and a blue stem. It was unlike anything else in my cabinet and it WORKED. I drank a lot of water out of that thing. I don't have any idea what happened to that goblet, but I need a new water goblet for sure! I will find something awesome and when I do I will post a pic of it and I will drink lots of water out of it.


  1. yay you! i love your honesty and bravery in these posts. you're doing a great job--it's really hard to recognize our unhealthy eating habits, and even harder to admit them to others. i get really defensive about any eating habits i have that aren't healthy (my biggest issue right now is sodium, i think, and lots of it) because i'm vegan, and i'm like, "what do you MEAN that's not healthy? it's VEGAN!"

    well, oreos are vegan too, but we all know how healthy those are. and they're vegan only b/c they almost don't have any ACTUAL ingredients in them, just chemicals. so, there.

    anyway, congrats and way to go! :)

  2. Cute towels! You are ready for some seriously stylish swimming. :)

  3. Good job! 3.6 pounds is awesome! Water Aerobics is so fun. I used to do that when we lived in NC. They had a class at the same time as Connor's swimming lessons. I even decided I was going to swim some laps - got a dorky swim cap and some cool goggles. The water aerobics was a lot more fun than the lap swimming though. I see here in Ohio, they have Aqua Zumba. I might try that one out!

  4. repeat what you did last week and try to get one more workout day in this week.. just to try and top it!

  5. you know the fake "coffee cup" they make? well now they make a fake "to go" water cup with straw. it was so funny. I'll try to find one online and send you the pic. It was in some catalog I got the other day.

    p.s. I wish I had a pool to swim / workout in. where are you going?

  6. Brandy.... I own one! It is my reusable cup for iced lattes! You can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! :D

    The water aerobics classes will be at the UTA pool.