Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I really look like...

I think we all have an image of ourselves in our mind's eye. We have an idea of how we look to others. I have always felt that I look fine. I think, "cute top, fun shoes, funky jewelry, pretty hair...," or whatever when I am getting ready to go out and then I head out the door. I never give much thought to how big I am. I think that because my friends and family love me they don't see the fat they just see me, if that makes sense. I mean, obviously they see that I am fat, but it isn't what defines me or my relationships. But, I am becoming more and more aware that I am the only really fat person in the group (unless I am at my aunt & uncle's house) and I don't like it. I don't REALLY feel that I stand out that much from the others until I see photos from a get-together.

This is from last night. Now, I know that it is not a flattering angle etc., but still....

Images such as this just really make me realize that I need to see the REAL me and do something about it. I don't want to literally take up 1/3 of a couch anymore.


  1. Let what you say be the fire that burns deep inside and truly motivate you to turn this in the direction you desire. You can't fail, if you refuse to fail!

  2. I am feeling a lot of love for you right now.

  3. Thanks, sometimes you just have to get honest with yourself no matter what it is! I figure I cannot change until I see things very clearly.