Monday, July 19, 2010

Today = 275.0

Hello & Welcome to my little corner of the net. Oh sure, I am on Facebook and I g-mail chat and stuff, but this is a place for me to vent, document, and do whatever I want. What I want is have a place, for now, to talk about my desire to be fit by the time I am 40 (in 1.75 years). I have been steadily gaining weight (and yo-yoing it off & back on) ever since the Army, um, let me go for failing 2 PT tests in a row in 1993. What can I say, I have never been a runner. I aced the sit-ups & push-ups... was "an excellent soldier and Russian Linguist," but apparently not quite finishing the 2mi run on time is no good for defending one's nation... but that is another blog totally.

Today, the day that I knew was coming finally came. I weigh 275lb! I knew I was getting close as I have been hovering at 268-270lb for months, but today the number was there - 275.0 - on the home digital scale. It is time to do something. I am a mere 25lb from 300 and that is NO GOOD!

I have been mulling this over for a few weeks, noticing things, getting irritated, wanting to make a change for the better (all of which I will address in future blogs). Today that day happened. Today I start fresh. I accepted that 275lb for what it is and made the choice to move on. So this is my space to talk about it, to make peace with being morbidly obese, and to document my progress as I change my life, my health, my eating habits, exercise plan, and my future.

Won't you join me?


  1. Mylynka, I can tell you honestly that you've taken the first step ~ you've recognized that you need to make a change. Now on to how to do it. The thing that helped me was setting small daily goals, ex. "Today I will drink X oz of water." or "Today I will walk X amount of steps." If you try to make too many big changes too quickly, you will set yourself up for failure. Good luck and I look forward to watching you accomplish your goals.

  2. Yea, small goals are what I will have to set. I am smart enough (and have failed enough) to know that saying "I am going to drink 64oz of water a day, exercise 14x a week, eat only 1000calories, and lose 125 lbs in a year." is ridiculous! :)

    Watching you track your journey honestly & openly has inspired me to do this, you know!

  3. Best of luck Rockstar M-Dazzle! YOU CAN DO IT! =)

  4. Mylynka ~ you can do it! I am myself on Weight Watchers again for about the 7th time. It does work, but it can all come right back, which just sucks. I agree with setting small goals. You can't change everything at once, and like I heard at one of my meetings, we didn't gain all of this weight overnight. It takes time to lose it too! I would suggest a food journal, if you haven't already started that. Tracking what you eat every day will show you exactly what you're eating. Do you have a small goal for the end of the year? Or even for Labor Day? Another good quote from one of my meetings was this:
    "Even if you don't feel like exercising, you never feel worse after doing it." I have definitely found that to be true. Sometimes I don't feel like walking, but by the time it is all over, I feel better.
    Good luck! I know you can do it!