Thursday, August 2, 2012

31 Days of Blogging - Day 2 - Healthy Eating

Day 2

Healthy eating is something that is all consuming these days. Everyone I know is on some kind of diet, low-fat, no-sugar, low-carb, low-sodium, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, protein shakes, meal replacement bars, caffeine- free, gluten-free,




I am not judging my peeps and their choices, whatever works for them/you is fine with me, but here is what I have learned about me:

*hearts sparkles blinky text*

I need to eat FOOD, real food. I cannot do meal replacements at all.  I did that whole Slim Fast thing when I was 19 and you know what it got me?  A trip to a Italian ER in the middle of the night for an emergency gall bladder removal... turns out extreme dieting and being on the Pill can cause gall stones.  My ONE was the size of a large Bella di Cerignola olive and about the same color as I recall... they gave it to me in a jar (it was oddly fascinating, especially since I almost died...). Oh and a HUGE scar from the bottom of my sternum to the top of my belly button... So long bikinis in my 20s. :(

I still love Bella di Cerignolas, though. In fact, they may be my most favorite olive!  

So, I have done most of the diets out there, except Atkins... come on, THAT just cannot be good for you and besides I was a Bridal Consultant at the high point of that particular craze and those brides REEKED.  Nothing like being in a cramped fitting room trying to get a meat laden stank-bride into her 15th 50lb Swarovki crystal encrusted silk-satin vision of bridal bliss while trying to convince her that she is not a big fat cow as a size 6 and 5' 9".  But I digress.

I want to be healthy, I want to eat well (in all senses of the word), I want to be as responsible to the Earth as I can be, and I want to be happy about it.  I have been on deprivation diets and they don't work, or they do for the short term and then you gain back what you lost plus those oh so awesome bonus pounds.  LOSE-LOSE

Here is what I am finding works for me (and this is just food... exercise is another blog... I mean hey, I gotta fill 31 days here!).

Real foods (read: not processed), fresh foods, non-fast foods.  Plenty of water.  

Yea, that is it.

80-90% of weight loss/gain is the food you put in your body.  Am I good at this? Not yet.  OK, in spurts until I get bored, or lazy, or busy, or all of the above.  But I know it works for me and that it is the best thing for ANY body.

And I will leave you today with what has to be the FUNNIEST blog rant on Healthy Eating I have ever read:

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater




  1. I eat real food until I get busy or lazy too. I need a professional chef to cook for me all day every day.

  2. Haha, stank-brides.

    I hear ya, lady. My problem is alcohol - not in an *alcoholic* way (that sounded bad) - but in the *beer has roughly 300 calories per 12 oz.* kind of way. Promise.

    It still sounds bad...

  3. I hear ya ladies! Oh and KDB, I knew what you meant... HA!