Saturday, August 4, 2012

31 Days of Blogging - Day 3 AND Day 4

Day 3 - um, yea... no blog

Day 4 - The new office

So yesterday I was not really online that much (shocking, I know).  I was, however, working in my new office.  It is at that stage where it is all the fiddly things like putting up shelves on the walls, hanging curtains, moving the computer in and setting it up, and organizing the desk. After a morning of finishing the closet purging and an afternoon of errands, I spent the evening out with my husband having dinner, going to book stores, and taking in the splendor of TWO local Home Depots and The Container Store so that I can just work on finishing up the room today.

I was so naive in thinking this room swap would be a quick thing....  Now I have two quasi-offices, both of which are kinda trashed.  Well, the new one is less trashed and the old one looks like a tornado touched down in Hoarderville.  And did I mention we are sleeping in the living room....  There is a 5 room redo in place that involves moving stuff from room to room all culminating in the redo of the living room.  Oh the joy!  I know it will be fantastic when it is done.

Ok, so all my activity today will revolve around elfa shelving installation, lots of room-to-room walking, moderate lifting, new curtain ironing & hanging, and lots and lots of organizing!

Not my ACTUAL office

Happy Day, Y'all!



  1. LOL--like a tornado touched down in Hoarderville!! Describes my craft room perfectly!! Jeanne

  2. Ha, seriously! It jobs accurately describes all of my house at the moment... 0_o