Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post-work out recap


So, yea, my previous post with the over enthusiastic exercise schedule is kinda silly. What can I say I got excited. I realize (with the help of your comments) that i need to relax, ease on into the classes, and not set such a rigid schedule or I run the risk of quitting. So thanks for keeping me on the right path lovely readers! :D

That said, let me now regale you with the tales of triumph from yesterday!! HUZZAH!

My plan was to pick Lupe up from work and head to the gym for the 4:30 Ultimate Conditioning Class. We got there at 4pm & Lupe headed up to the machines to start his workout. I saw Rafaela, my wonder instructor, and she told me she wasn't teaching that one. I thought I would go anyway & she checked her instructor's schedule to see who was leading it... Turns out the guy who leads it is "really tough." She suggested I take the 5pm Latin Dance class with Charlotte instead. She assured me I would like it and be able to work at my own level (unlike Ultimate Conditioning - duh!) I KNOW I am not at the Ultimate stage yet. Her Stretch & Relax class was immediately after the Latin Dance, so she encouraged me to come to that to get a good post-workout stretch before going home.

SO, what to do for the approximate 30mins?? Well, I am no fan of the old treadmill, so opted to walk the indoor track at the Mavericks Activity Center (MAC). I figured a 30 min walk would be a good way to kill time, instead of sitting on the available computers & checking e-mail/Facebook. Nine laps equal 1 mile. I didn't count laps, but walked a full 30 mins. it was a nice way to warm-up before the cardio.

Speaking of... WOWZA! Latin Dance with Charlotte was HOT! And by that I mean the dance moves were sexy, the music was pumping, and I was a hot, sweaty mess! It was SO FUN! It totally kicked my butt & all my other parts, but it was fantastic! Of course going in I was worried that it would be all Dance majors and other fit-types, so imagine my extreme pleasure when I walked in and it was a hodge-podge of people. There were the young, the older, the black, the white, the Hispanic, and the Asian... fit, fat, and varying stages of in-between. Even Dean Wright was in my class (she is the dean of the College of Liberal Arts)! And Charlotte... she was great! She told everyone not to worry if they were not in step or were going the opposite direction of the class. The important thing was to keep moving & get your heart-rate up! I LOVED THAT!

And that is what I did. I am no fancy dancer. I am not good at the steps, combos, etc. So I just kept going, jogging or marching in place, or doing some variation of the steps so I was working it! I sweated myself out to the Black Eyed Peas, conga-ed to Gloria Estefan, got my groove on to Michael Jackson, and salsa-ed and kick-boxed, too. And after the class she came over & introduced herself, told me I did a "great job back there," (classic fat-girl position is at the farthest point back in the class) and said she would see me next week. She didn't ask me if I was returning, she told me I was coming back. I kinda liked that!

I followed up with a really nice 20-minute stretching class which was exactly what I needed after shaking my bon-bon for 50 minutes! Lupe was waiting for me when I was done and we went to a local Vietnamese sandwich shop for a yummy & pretty healthy grilled chicken and veggie sandwich and some strawberry boba tea. A great way to finish up.

I am really looking forward to tonight's Water Fitness class and Wednesday's Group Strength (lead by Rafaela). I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Congrats Mylynka! Great approach to ease in and eat healthy. Slow and steady whens the race! Keep it up and Good Luck!

  2. Thanks John! I really enjoyed my water fitness class tonight. This was my first time working out 2 days back-to-back! I am not sore, but I can tell my muscles have been worked... in a GOOD way! :D

  3. Congrats, Mylynka. Latin dance sounds like a fun and sexy way to get in shape. Glad to read that you're enjoying your workouts