Friday, September 10, 2010

What a breakthrough can do.

Howdy & good morning!

So, after completing a successful week and a half of water fitness I am so excited about exercise. And GET THIS: I am going to try other classes. I found out that Rafaela, my incredibly awesome Thursday night instructor, leads a lot more fitness classes at the campus gym. Sooooooo.... I spoke to her last night and asked about the classes. My inner comparison queen had questions that were keeping me from attending. Questions like "Is the class all fit 20-yr olds in spandex?" and "Will I be the only fat person in there?".

Come to find out none of the above is true!! The classes are a hodge-podge of the un-fit & fit. My inner comparison queen/ mean girl sulked off in a huff. HA!


Rafaela, who I really like as an instructor, teaches the very classes I am interested in and told me she gives all kinds of modifications for all levels of fitness. So I have looked at the class schedule and it looks like in addition to Water Fitness I will be embarking into BOSU Blast, Kickboxing, Jump & Crunch, Stretch & Relax, & Morning Yoga next week! You can see the class descriptions HERE if you like.

I can't believe I am SO excited about this! I am really looking forward to it. I didn't go to the classes previously because I was afraid of being the only uncoordinated fat person in there... come to find out there are a lot of body types in there (according to Rafaela). I am no longer letting my fear of being gawked at/laughed at get in my way. I mean I am going so that I can be healthier, if someone wants to ridicule me for that then they are missing the point. Besides, I have noticed that the only one who cares is me... and I am changing that daily!



  1. No one will laugh at you as they are all there (presumably) for the same work out. Good for you, Mylynka! I need to get back to my routine...majorly slacked off the last couple of weeks.

  2. That's fabulous!! Well done :) I have now been going to the gym for about 3 weeks....and am amazed that I am still motivated to do so, I don't 'love' it yet...but I actually RAN on the treadmill yesterday!! I have just been walking very fast up until you I was afraid that everyone would be looking at bits of me wobbling....and I was afraid I'd fall flat on my face! But I looked around me, and everyone in there was concentrating on themselves...getting sweaty and not worrying about what they looked like, so I thought 'what the hell'!!! It nearly killed me...but I was so proud of myself :) and you will be too :) Wish I could come to the classes with you, I need some pushing too :) Well done x x x

  3. Thanks Ladies! Let's keep each other inspired! :D

  4. YAY! Mylynka, I'm so proud of you and incredibly happy for you. I especially love that you're getting fit and you're enjoying it. Go, Mylynka, go!