Friday, September 24, 2010

What a week!

Wow! Has it really been a week since I last blogged... time sure has scampered by! I guess that is what happens WHEN YOU WORK OUT 4X IN ONE WEEK!! :D

So, for the first time in about 15 years I have worked out 4 days in a row! I am very pleased about that. Monday was Latin Dance + Stretch and Relax, Tuesday was Water Fitness, Wednesday was BOSU Blast, and yesterday was Water Fitness. Today is a down day as I will be traveling to San Antonio for a friend's wedding. I have a feeling there will be some reception-dancing-as-cardio tomorrow night! :D I just have to say a word (or 140) about Wednesday's class. BOSU is described as:
  • Take strength training to the next level with this total body workout using the BOSU balance trainer, a multidimensional training device that integrates core training, sports training and balance training. Come bounce and sweat in this fun new type of workout.
It was AWESOME! Led by Rafaela, the wonder instructor, BOSU was the butt-kickingest class ever. There was cardio, there was strength training, there was stretching. There was Mylynka sweating like never before and experiencing muscle failure for the first time since the Army (1994). I had some difficulty getting onto the BOSU at first, mainly because it is hard to stand on this:

But, Rafaela, TWI, leads class in such a way that all fitness levels can participate. We did all kinds of cardio then used weights to strengthen our back & arms. There was a time, during one of the triceps exercise
(the one where you have the weight in your hands and you arms extended over your head and you lower the weight behind your head & back up), that I thought "NOOOOOO!" when she said "ok, give me 8 more.. and 7... and 6... and 5" .

Something cool happened to me, though, in the BOSU Blast class that I didn't expect. When I got to a point (during the push-ups) where I thought I couldn't go on a voice inside of me said "Keep going, you WANT this." I was so tired and so sweaty and my arms were shaking and I just pushed past it (pun unintentional) to do 4 more modified push-ups. I DO want it!

I DID those last 8 triceps ones & I felt so proud of myself and so happy to have made it all the way through without quitting!



  1. you are SO fantastic! you DO want it--and not only do you want it, you're doing it! go 'lynka! so proud of you!

  2. good job! i love it when i make it to the gym 4 out of 5 days. working out makes my brain happy & i have a much easier time making myself keep going if i do a class instead of the elliptical machine. although my favorite group class teacher is a 5' ball of energy who loves to make people jump up & down and sweat like you've never sweated before! :) but doesn't it feel AWESOME afterward?

    keep it up! :)