Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today's fitness class (which I am trying for the very first time at 4:30pm CST) is Group Strength - A full body integrated resistance training class designed to improve functional strength, coordination and balance using free weights, barbells, CorePoles, BOSU trainers, stability balls and more.

I CAN'T WAIT! I cannot believe I am this excited about exercising. I hope the excitement doesn't fade!

I am so glad the universe saw fit to reduce us to one vehicle and also cause a power outage at our home that Thursday a few weeks back forcing me to the gym where I met Rafaela, the wonder instructor, who has made me see that I don't have to be 20 and skinny to join in the exercise classes! I am also glad that my husband is going to the gym, too. We only have 1 running car so when I pick him up from work we go directly to the gym Mon-Thurs. It is really a win-win!

Ok, I am off to pack our gym bags (yes at 10:30am) as I have a full day scheduled with meetings with 2 professors about my comprehensive exams and dissertation topic, a lunch date, a meeting with the new THSO president to hand over the rest of the duties to her, husband pick-up, 4:30 exercise class, 6:15 dinner at Chuy's with friends followed by an 8:10pm showing of the latest Resident Evil movie in 3D on the IMAX... whew, I am already tired!


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